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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(222)Autauga County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Autauga County Probation Department740 East Main StreetPrattvilleAL36067334-365-6671
Autauga County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Autauga County Sheriffs Department162 West 4th StreetPrattvilleAL36067334-365-3211
Autaugaville Police Department109 North Taylor StreetAutaugavilleAL36003334-365-9335
Alabama Department Of Conservation And Natural Resources - Wildlife And Freshwater Fisheries Law Enforcement District 41820 Glynwood DrivePrattvilleAL36066334-358-0035
Prattville Police Department101 West Main StreetPrattvilleAL36067334-361-3671
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Warrant Records – Know If Someone Has Been Arrested For a Warrant

Warrant Records in Autauga County Alabama are one of the most requested public records from across the nation. This is primarily due to the fact that the county is one of the busiest in terms of conducting their routine police operations. People who are either accused or involved in an incident that involves the use of force by authorities want to make sure that they have these records available to them. Warrant records are also used in any legal proceedings that involve people that are either accused or involved in any criminal activity. In many instances, people want to make sure that they do not end up in any legal trouble by using these records.

These records can be used in a variety of different ways. If a person needs to access court documents that relate to a case that is pending in a local court, they can request these records through the Autauga courthouse. This will ensure that the person has the most current information available about a case. The records can also be used as a means of verification when it comes to adding a new person to a list of people who are legally allowed to be in a specific household. This can be done by having the person’s name, address, and date of birth be entered into the proper boxes.

Many of the same services can be accessed online. This is beneficial for those that are interested in searching for information about a person’s arrest record. These records are considered to be public record, and anyone can access them at any time. There is no need to wait for a trial date to do so, and there are a number of reasons that people are more than happy to make this convenient process accessible. It is important for any person to know that these records will be readily available to them.

Warrant records are most commonly used in instances when a person has been accused of a crime, but has nevertheless been able to avoid being convicted of it. If a person suspects themselves of a crime, they may wish to dig up some old warrants and perform a search on them. There may be a time in which a person needs to search through court records in an effort to find out more information about someone. The person performing a warrant search will have to contact the courthouse where the warrant was originally issued in order to gain access to the pertinent court documents.

There is usually a small fee involved for access to these types of legal documents. This is often minimal compared to the cost of a personal injury lawsuit. In some instances, a person may not even be aware that they have a warrant out for their arrest. For this reason, it is always a good idea to perform a warrant check whenever possible.

Warrant records are helpful in a number of ways, and there is no reason to allow a person to go free with a criminal record. By performing a warrant check, a person can make sure that a potentially suspicious individual does not have a criminal record. By making sure that a person’s name is not registered in a national criminal database, a person can reduce the risks of being falsely accused and can avoid spending large amounts of money on a false criminal record search. This is especially important if a person needs to hire someone to work at their place of business or with their children.