Abine Blur Review

Abine Blur is a browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Opera. Activating Blur opens a toolbox with a number of features and capabilities, which we have reviewed for you today.

Do Not Track

Abine’s pioneering technology blocks more trackers than many standard browser extensions. It blocks ad aggregators, social media sites, and web analytics from tracking your activity. In the Blur control panel, you can see how many trackers have been discovered and blocked, and chart your blocking statistics over time. Blur also allows you to turn off blocking for a specific tracker or site.

Password Management

Blur has a password manager that captures and stores your login credentials when you log in to a website, and can import them from other manager tools. In the manager, you can view your passwords and edit or delete them. When you create a new login, Blur will offer to automatically generate a strong password for you, with 10 characters and a mix of upper and lowercase letters along with digits and special characters.

You can customize the password length and character sets of these automatically generated passwords. With the password manager, you can enable two-factor authentication and set passwords to lock automatically. With the premium edition, passwords are locally encrypted, then backed up and securely synced on Abine’s servers.

With the free edition, you may lose your passwords when you clear your cache, and they may be lost forever, so use this service with caution. 

Mask Email

Blur will generate anonymous email addresses to use online. Emails are sent to your true email address, but that address is never revealed to the website. You can create nicknames for your anonymous email addresses, so you can remember where they were used, and disable or delete them if desired.

Mask Credit Card Numbers

The Blur wallet feature is available with a premium subscription, and hides your true credit card number from websites when you shop online. Blur will create a temporary virtual credit card in the precise dollar amount you specify, and use it for that transaction, preventing the number from being overcharged or reused. The wallet will also remember and autofill your shipping addresses, billing addresses, and other form fields when shopping online.

Mask Phone Numbers

The Blur mobile edition will hide your true phone number, much like other features hide your email and credit card numbers.

How Easy is it to Use Abine Blur?

Abine Blur is extremely easy to use. When installed, it creates a button in your browser’s tool bar. Clicking that button opens up a control panel with access to all your Blur data and preferences, where you can review, edit, and manage your data.

When you are online, Blur will automatically pop up and offer to create emails, passwords, credit card numbers, etc., based on the interaction at the moment.

The interface is extremely straightforward, easy to read, easy to manage, and easy to use.

How Effective is Abine Blur?

Many people with privacy concerns are startled by just how much information you need to provide to Abine in order for Blur to work effectively. However, Abine has an excellent privacy policy, an excellent reputation, and a history of being a reliable and trustworthy company.

Even the free version of Abine Blur has fantastic features for protecting your privacy and anonymity online, and the ability to conceal your personal information, contact information, credit card information, and block tracking is excellent.

The password management features, however, aren’t the best. The default 10-character secure password generator isn’t as secure as some. Since most users accept Blur’s suggested passwords, and don’t have to remember them, there’s no reason to not use 20 or 30 characters in a password, the way other password generators do. With Blur, users have to manually increase settings for character limits to get stronger automatic passwords.

If you forget or lose your master Blur password, you can create a new one, but it will reset all your saved passwords. In order to safely recover your master password, you should generate a Blur “Backup Passphrase” that will help you recover all your passwords if you lose the master one.

The other problem with the Blur password manager is the limitation for free users. For free accounts (and as an option for premium accounts), you have to store your passwords locally, rather than backing up and syncing to the Abine servers. If you are storing your passwords locally, you can lose them all, with no way to recover them, by simply clearing your browser cache. That’s a severe drawback.

How is Abine Blur’s Pricing?

At just over $3/month, Blur’s pricing is reasonable for the security and anonymity of the service.

How Easy is it to Cancel Abine Blur?

Cancelling your Blur subscription is easy and painless, within your account settings control panel.

Would I Recommend Abine Blur?

Overall, Blur is an excellent service for protecting your online security, and Abine is a well-respected company that you can trust with your data. It’s simple and easy to use, pricing is reasonable, and many useful features are available in the free package. It’s a recommended way to protect your safety and privacy online.

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Sally Reiling

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