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It’s just about the most annoying thing in the world when you are relaxing at home and unexpectedly your landline rings. There’s someone on the line making a prank call or worse, threatening you and you have no idea who it is. In the case with cellphone’s the caller’s name will appear as “Blocked Number” or “Private Number”.

This can be both a pain and a serious cause of concern. Just how are you supposed to know who called you and what the number was? Here are a few tricks you can try to perform a reverse phone lookup on an 800 number.

Have a close look at the number:

This is applicable to your mobile phone. When you get a call from the prankster, try searching the number on a search engine such as Google, social networks like Facebook, and the Public Yellow Pages. The offender might have listed his phone number on the internet and you might be able to get some insight by doing a little digging.

If the prankster isn’t targeting you alone you might be able to find info on him on sites such as www.800notes.om and www.WhoCalled.com as they have complaints boards that list numbers known for bothering people.

Try using Call Trace:

This service is available from most telephone providers and is relatively easy to use. When someone calls you and tries to play a prank immediately hang up the phone. Then after about a minute pick the phone back up and if you hear the clear dialing tone press *57, which should give you the area from where the call came from, so that you can use that information to further lookup the number.

If that doesn’t work try Last Call Return:

This service is also offered by most telephone providers and allows you to find out exactly what the last number was that called you. When you get a call from the prankster, simply hit *69 and that should give you the number of the caller.

For the mobile phones:

If you keep getting blocked number or private number calls there’s an easy way to find out who the true culprit is. Log onto your online account with your service provider and go to the call logs page. Blocked and Private numbers will probably be unmasked on the statement and you will be able to see what the number was that called you.

Try it the toll free way:

Try as they may, pranksters cannot mask a call when they are calling a toll free number. This is a great idea if you really want to get behind the story.

Register a toll free number for yourself (which is generally inexpensive) and forward the call to that number once the prankster calls. The number of the original caller will appear on screen and voila! A great toll free service is www.TrapCall.com.

These methods include some do it yourself tips and tricks that may aid you in finding out who is pestering you, although they won’t work in all situations. If the case is serious and you feel that you or a member of your family might be in danger you should head over to the police station and get some professional help.


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