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Going on a date can be very exciting especially when you just got out of a really long relationship or it’s your first one. Nothing beats the feeling of the possibility of meeting the love of your life or soulmate for the first time and actually getting to know him or her by going out and grabbing dinner.

Whether it is a blind date set up by your friend or this is someone you met in a store, it is very important to know if the date is safe and the person that you’re going with is harmless. So here are 5 ways to know!

Be Cautious

This first one goes for all the women out there because this usually happens to them. You will know that you are in safe hands when the guy does not handle your drink in any way.

We do not mean this in a un-gentleman kind of way but what we are trying to say is that some guys take advantage of the girl by putting some drugs in her drinks.

That’s why they offer to make the drink or get it for her. Other tactics include getting the poor girl drunk by giving her way more alcohol than she can handle. So to be safe, just tell him that you can get it yourself because people can be so deceiving nowadays that you will never really know.

Be Secure

Next is that when the date you are going with does not offer to go to places where you can be immediately alone and you guys just don’t know each other that well. Being in a crowd is very important if something bad is going to happen.

You don’t necessarily have to bring a large crowd of your friends or go to a concert where you can’t hear each other and you will just end up staring at each other awkwardly and making sign languages. Try a nice restaurant instead, go to the movies, go bowling or simply take a stroll in the park. These places are just as fun and not to mention safe for the both of you.

Be Reserved

Another way to tell if your date is safe is when he or she does try to make a movie at you immediately that is aggressive. The date should be respectful if you decide to tell him or to stop.

This can be a sign of compulsiveness and anger issues and this would be a problem in the future when you decide to date for real because eventually it is bound in the course of your relationship.

Be Attentive

Fourth, you have to pay attention to how he treats other people like the waitress in the restaurant and even the cab driver. If the date gets impatient with them or is being rude then obviously, these types of people are the ones that you should not be dating.


Lastly, listen to what the date tells you and the stories that he is sharing. If the date is lying about something, don’t be hesitant to ask or look for inconsistencies which are bound to come up any time. Lying is not a good sign because relationships should be built on trust.

Bonus: Be At Peace

As a bonus, you can also consider performing a background check on them before you meet. Is this absolutely necessary? Not at all. However, if you want peace of mind, or have a few red flags in your mind about them, then it’s worth learning more at the very least.


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