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Time equals money and in today’s fast paced world we just don’t have the luxury of waiting weeks on end for important documents that might impact our business or social lives.

There are literally thousands of online background checking services, some deliver great information that gives you everything down to the T, others just make a rough summary, some cost a pretty penny and others can be done for free.

We’ve done our research and came up with 5 of the best instant background checking services the web has to offer. These services will ensure accurate results in extremely fast turnaround times. Have a look at them and what they offer you:

1. BackgroundReport.com – This is a great self-help background checking services. They have live help if and when you do need assistance but the system is so easy to use, anyone should be able to get the job done.

They give you instant access to info such as Social Security verification, felony reports and address history among others. What’s great is that you can use their reports for pre-employment screening as they are FCRA accredited. Their costs are low and their reports contain up to date accurate information.

See their website for a full range of services and pricing plans here: backgroundreport.com

2. Been Verified – This is where you can head to get some instant reports from information on public record. They have very accurate and up-to-date informative reports that can help you determine whether or not someone is worth their weight in gold or not.

You should however know that this site isn’t FCRA compliant and should not be used for pre-employment screening. You won’t be able to get access to financial or residential history but it can surely aid you in deciding if you really want to go into any type of relationship with that person.

Have a look at the range of reports that they offer here beenverified.com

3. Instant Checkmate – If you are looking at a fully functional background checker that delivers instant results and reports on someone you want to get to know personally the this people database is a great place to start. They provide information on people from all across the US and can instantly give you accurate reports that contain everything from felony reports through to social media profiles.

This one isn’t to be used for pre-employment screening either as they aren’t FCRA compliant but for personal use they still deliver a great service at a relatively low cost. Try them here instantcheckmate.com

4. KnowX – Here is where you go to find out more about a business. They give you instant reports on businesses, their directors, associates and assets. If you are thinking about investing in a business then this should be your library for doing some research on them.

Find out how lucrative they are and how much their assets are worth. All their reports are made up from public records so they save you valuable time and deliver accurate results. Read more about exactly what you can get done with their services here www.knowx.com

5. People Finders – This service is really great for finding old friends or looking up someone you used to know. They aren’t FCRA compliant, so please don’t use this as a pre-employment screening test. What they do offer is the opportunity to locate someone and view any public records that they have.

A really great service that delivers fast information at low costs. Take a in depth look at their website for more information. www.peoplefinders.com

These background checking services are great tools you can use in order to get down to the dirty when it comes to someone’s history. Always be sure that you are ready to find out the truth, sometimes it can hurt to find out facts that you would rather not have known, but remember that knowing is always better than wondering.


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