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There’s a very fine line between doing a little harmless Facebook casual-stalking (emphasis on the CASUAL part) and full blown cyber-stalking. Some people tend to get that line totally wrong, and they become so fixated on another person that they literally think of them as “theirs”.

We’ve all heard of one or two stalker stories that downright give us the creeps. Stalkers are as real as sliced bread, and they are everywhere to be found. If you think you’ve heard it all, just take a look at some of the outrageous tales that happened to people out there.

The website oddee.com has some scary stories that will make you rethink the steps that creeps will take in order to get a hold on you. They have a whole bunch of stories up there that would make every hair on your body rise, but we’ve picked out the best ones.

If you want to read the frightful full post, then head on over to 10 Scariest Stalkers

1. Woman with Forehead Tattoo Stalks Probation Officer

Jamie Calloway – A.K.A Jamie Godhead Platinum got arrested in 2012 for stalking a female police officer that she met while she was in jail. The thirty-three year old woman has a tattoo with the word “GOD” tattooed on her forehead, and believed solidly that the police woman was her lover, calling her, sending her packages via mail and even slashing her tires. Talk about losing your head…

2. John Hinckley Jr. Shot the President to Impress Jodie Foster

Admittedly, most of us have heard about this story, but it’s still just too darn creepy. With the intent of stalking the actress Jodie Foster his sole objective, John Hinckley Jr. enrolled at Yale University in 1980 just so that he could get close to Foster, who was focusing on her studies at the time. What started out as just plain love notes and poems soon turned into a disaster waiting to happen.

On the 30th of March 1981, Hinckley sent Foster a note telling her of his intention of assassinating the US President, Ronald Reagan. He managed to do just that, but sadly for him the only thing he’ll be impressing are the walls of his sanatorium cell. He got institutionalized after being found not guilty by Reason of Insanity.

3. Man Stalked Olympian Shawn Johnson

When the 36 year old Robert O’Ryan was arrested in March of 2009, it was with due reason. He drove all the way from Florida to California to stalk the Olympic Gold Medal winning Gymnast Shawn Johnson. Police arrested him while he tried to break into the set of Dancing with the Stars, where Johnson was a contestant.

In his car, police found a loaded shot gun, duct tape, a loaded hand gun and love letters in his car. He claimed that he was able to communicate telepathically with celebrities and heard Johnson communicating with him (probably in a sixth sense way) while she was performing at the Beijing Olympics.

4. One of Madonna’s Crazies

It comes without reason that superstars such as Madonna have quite a few encounters with stalkers. One of the downright creepiest cases though was that of Robert Dewey Hoskins. This highly psychotic 54 year old was institutionalized after serving 10 years in prison. Hoskins made life threatening remarks such as wanting to slice Madonna’s throat and he even went to her home, jumped the fence and into her pool, before being shot by a security guard.

5. 60 year old Pedophile Stalked Laura Dekker

Gerard W. aged 60 stalked the 16 year old Laura Dekker (who was the youngest person to complete a solo journey across the world in 2012) for over a year. When he was arrested, Gerard had loads of pornographic material of children in his possession. He came out with the truth about sending Laura a bunch of emails and also fessed up to creating a nude photo of Dekker which he produced himself. Poor old sicko eventually turned himself over to the cops and did his share of prison time.

Being stalked by someone leaves you feeling totally helpless and utterly harassed, and what’s worse is that most stalkers are so mentally unbalanced that your uncooperative “behavior” could easily send them into overdrive and flip their killer switch.

Thanks to anti-stalking laws of the modern day, there is some way of protecting yourself against these creeps, but sadly it took countless acts of stalking gone wrong (ending in death for the victim) before these laws were put into place.

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