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If you think back about 15 years ago, you might recall that spy cameras back then weren’t nearly as effective or as seek in design as they are today, and not nearly as widely known as they are now. Fast forward to the present day and you land up with spy cameras that are super-efficient, offer various functions, are super durable and come in all shapes and sizes. What’s also changed is the fact that you no longer have to be some sort of undercover secret agent in order to know how to (or have the right to) use these discreet cameras.

Before you start using a spy camera however, it’s a wise choice to sharpen up your skills on how to use them and enquiring about the fact of how legal it is to use them for your intended purpose. That being said, here are our top 20 reasons for wanting to use a spy camera:

1. Use a spy camera to check in on the nanny and how well she is taking care of your children when you aren’t there.

2. You can use it to see if your employees “have their hands in the till” or in between the shelves if you are the owner of a shop.

3. Spy cameras can be used as tools in a private investigation matter where you need some hard and solid incriminating evidence to state your case.

4. Spy cameras are often used by business owners to keep an eye on the office environment and to see what goes on there when they are not around.

5. Hidden cameras work great when placed in daycare centers to keep a lookout over the activities and caretakers in the environment, especially where young kids are involved.

6. You can easily place a hidden camera in your grandmother’s room at the old age home to see if they are treating her as well as they promised they would.

7. Put a hidden camera in your dog’s tag and have a look at what he sees on a daily basis.

8. This isn’t the “coolest” thing to do, but you could always place a hidden camera in your teenager’s room to see what he and his friends get up to when you’re not there.

9. Use a spy camera to record a business meeting so that you can reference it again at a later stage.

10. You could always use a hidden camera to capture a sports event in the first person perspective.

11. You could place a hidden camera in the reception area of your office to see how well the receptionist actually does her job.

12. Place a hidden camera at your front door so you can record footage of who walks up to your door on a daily basis.

13. Placing a hidden camera inside your car might help you establish if your teenagers ever (or is still in the habit of) steal your car.

14. If you suspect adultery you could always place a hidden camera inside your home to try and catch the culprits in the heat of the moment.

15. Use your spy camera to monitor what your children get up to in the backyard when you’re not there to keep watch.

16. Set up a hidden camera in the reception room of your home to keep a watchful eye on guests.

17. Use your hidden camera to monitor what your garden worker gets up to outside during the day.

18. Take your hidden camera with you into the boardroom to record things that would otherwise stay inside of that room.

19. Use a car key hidden camera to take footage of what goes on inside a car dealership’s workshop.

20. Use a hidden camera lighter to record what co-workers do and say during a smoke break.

There are literally millions of reasons you would want to use a hidden camera. Whatever your reasons are just always make sure that what you do is legal so that you don’t get your fingers burnt. When you’re looking for a great hidden camera, do remember to keep the following key points in mind when choosing one:

  • Design – You want it to be sleek and slim and quite obviously very discreet, so opting for something like a coat hanger hidden cam or a pen hidden camera is still your safest bet.
  • Video / Image Output – you really want your camera to deliver high quality images so that you at least have a clear view of what went down.
  • Memory – Your hidden camera should have internal memory storage capacity, enough to cover at least 90 minutes of footage or say 30 minutes of footage per gigabyte of storage.
  • Battery – most hidden cams utilize Lithium-ion batteries because they are just as small and compact as the devices they power up and they should be able to hold up for at least 90 minutes of recording.

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