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We all love to read the odd blog or two, and in most cases they become somewhat of a habit. Catching up on your favorite blogger’s latest story with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning sounds like the perfect start to your day.

If you aren’t following them already, take a look at these 15 fabulous blogs that deliver their take on dating and the cup of crazy that comes with it.

  1. http://www.baggagereclaim.co.uk/

Blogger Natalie Lue is helping people all over the word conquer the war on falling in love with emotionally unavailable people, commitment issues and low self-esteem.

She gives great advice on how to handle life, love and everything in-between and adds a dash of (sometimes unintentional) humor to make the bad seem so much better.

  1. http://singlemomseeking.com/blog/

This blog depicts the story of a single mom of a toddler that has had to rebuild a life that accommodates her kid and her partner, which sees some seriously fun and epic disasters all mixed together.

She brings a little magic to the world of dating again as a single mom and shows you that the world isn’t at end when you split from your husband, it might just be a little scary at first, but it’s a new beginning and you can make something beautiful from it.

  1. http://www.blogwithbenefits.com/

What started as an online dairy of sorts turned into a full blown dating & love blog that shares everything from dates gone wrong, creepy meetings and triumphant love stories.

The great message behind this blog is that IT’S ALL GOING TO BE OKAY, and this girl makes you see that in the way she can add humor to even the plainest of stories. It’s a blog about a girl, giving really good advice through her experience, and hoping to impact the way people look at the world of dating.

  1. http://datinggoddess.com

This blog is all about living life and enjoying the delicious details that dating after 40 brings. In her professional life, the Goddess is a bestselling author on books for how to be effective in the workplace, she is a speaker and a management consultant, but on her blog, she gets down to the dirty, and tells it like it is.

She’s all for real women having “flabby bits” and the idea that you really can make a great success from things after you feel yourself losing hope. She thrives to inspire with her blog and although she hasn’t found the “one” ye, she claims to have a delicious time trying.

  1. http://diaryofwhy.com

Rachel shares her tales of dating and heartbreak and the way she found peace with all the madness that came with it when she was still a “serial dater”. She now works in an office job in Maryland and is still trying to strike the balance between being a dating girl and a single cat lady forever.

She delivers some fun insight to the madness surrounding normal girls and the intensity of how getting to know the true you changes the way you see the world.

  1. http://chrissnormallife.blogspot.com/

Admit it, we all love guy’s blogging about dating, love and all things in-between. Chris has a funny way of making an average life extraordinary and shares his thoughts with readers on how he ticks. Seriously funny and definitely not your ordinary diary style blog.

  1. http://soon2becatlady.com/

This girl is on a cyber-mission to find the love of her life and regain any chance at stopping her biological clock from running out. The hilarious tales that are told on this blog however depict a tale of less luck and plenty of random crazy events.

She has 7 imaginary cats and when she’s not blogging or broadening her online dating experience field, she likes to keep mildly fit and watch age old sitcoms. Seriously addicting stuff.

  1. http://30datesblog.com/

What started out as a dare for 30 blind dates in 3 months before a 30th birthday soon became a worldwide hype. Today this blog is basically an international dating hangout for everyone who has a story to tell.

You can find some pretty amazing stories, advice, reviews and opinions here and you can bet your bottom they are seriously entertaining.

  1.  http://singledatingdiva.com

Suzie has put together a fantastic site over at singledatingdiva.com. In fact, it’s an award-winning site. You can get some brilliant insights into the single life here, and you can even ask a question via the popular “Ask Single Dating Diva” section here.

  1. http://get-a-wingman.com

If you want to learn to be a better man..no..a better “legend”, then this is a site you REALLY need to visit. Anything from gaining confidence, to earning more money, and of course..attracting women is dealt with on this site.

There’s something here for every man.

  1. http://kissing100frogs.wordpress.com/

This one is sure to catch your attention, Join this girl on the adventures of a bet she had with her dad about going on 100 blind dates. She tells it like it is and shares her ideas with the world in a funny and uplifting tone. Will she eventually find her Prince Charming?

Time will tell but in the meanwhile she is keeping us all entertained!

  1. http://onethousandsingledays.com

This blog is all about regaining strength in a rebound space of time. One divorce and a fresh heartbreak made this girl pledge 1000 days of being celibate and single and she shared her views on how that changed her as a person and made her see that we all need time off and alone every now and then.

Great to follow and the tone of the blog just keeps you locked in.

  1. http://www.30everafter.com/

There is life and love after 30 and this blog aims to prove it and inspire other 30 something individuals to make the best of every day, date, break up and have fun in-between the madness of midlife.

To entertain and inspire 30 something singles to live and love through dating, relationships, breakups and everything in between.

  1. http://www.aterriblehusband.com

This is a brilliant blog which follows the tale of a husband who almost let the material world come between him and his wife. He shares his views on love, dating and falling in love again.

Men getting down to business and opening up their emotional sides just always trigger something and we must add that the humor he slips in there is just enough to keep you on the edge of your seat.

  1. http://singlesteve.com

Steve is the man and his tales of dating and the disaster elements in it are just so funny you won’t want the posts to end. He’s quite honest from the word go that he’s not a blogger or a writer but still, this guy knows how to catch your attention.

Comedy comes to life and what we might view as a complete setback is turned bright again by the hand of this 30 year old recently single dating drama dude.



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