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So you have been dating this person for a while now and the romance is blooming. You go on the most amazing dates and you feel like you might have actually found your soulmate. Before you totally commit your heart to someone you should however always investigate the thought that he or she might already be married to someone else.

We’re helping you take the guessing work out of this situation and determine if your new love interest is already legally wed. Here are the top warning signs he might have already sealed the deal with someone else:

WARNING 1: It’s a cash deal. There’s a reason people choose to avoid using their credit cards these days and it’s as simple as not wanting to be traced. He might have a wife at home that sees his statements and when something such as expensive underwear and restaurant outing payments that were clearly not shared with her pops up she’ll know something is up. If he’s paying in cash for everything he’s trying to keep his tracks clean and avoid being caught out.

WARNING 2: He acts out of character and tells you that you make him feel like a teenager again. Men who have been married for a while tend to fall into a boring routine and when they get the opportunity to be “young and free” again they often go overboard. If it seems like he’s acting like a young boy who just turned 18, chances are he’s escaping home from someone.

WARNING 3: He calls you up on short notice and only ever has time for you on special pre-arranged times. There’s something fun about being able to show up at your boyfriend’s workplace and surprising him with a quick visit. If he only has time to see you during special appointed times then he clearly has something, and someone, else occupying all the rest of his free time.

WARNING 4: He has “changed” for you. So your boyfriend decided to suddenly get a bold new hairstyle or has started a fitness program since the two of you met. He’s doing everything he can to be more appealing in your eyes and instead of being all smitten you should be wondering why he’s making all these drastic changes.

WARNING 5: He wasn’t a fan before but suddenly becomes very into your musical taste. This could in all honesty be just a genuine interest in who you are and what you stand for, but seriously if he has been a classical music lover all his life and is suddenly starting to listen to your urban beat vibes then you should be wondering if he’s being real or if he’s simply putting up a charade to get you more interested in him.

WARNING 6: He remembers things you did together all wrong. He might be laughing about a joke the two of you shared that never even happened, or something like particular scenery that you both admired together but you have never seen it before. Sorry but this almost always means that he is hiding another woman, most probably his wife.

WARNING 7: No home visits. He always wants to either meet up at your place or at a restaurant or hotel. You are never invited over to his lace and when you do enquire about it he always has some smart excuse why you can’t head there. Chances are he doesn’t want his wife catching you in her house.

WARNING 8: You aren’t part of his circle of friends. The fact that he is delaying introducing you to his friends and family should set off alarms. Sure the first week of a new and intimate relationship might have some initial “it’s mine” feelings involved but after that if he still isn’t sharing you with his friends it’s because his friends doesn’t know about you and aren’t allowed to find out.

WARNING 9: There are some calls he will just never answer in your presence. When the phone rings he’ll check to see who it is, then quickly flip the screen over and say that it’s not important, or he’ll insist to take the call in private. He obviously can’t have a conversation with his wife in the presence of his mistress. Just think about it.

WARNING 10: Weekends are almost never good times for getting together. Ever thought about why he has to “travel for work” every other weekend and always seems to have a full schedule for weekends? It might be because he has a wife and kids at home that wants and needs his attention.

While there’s never a dead sure way of telling if someone is married, there are these subtle yet alarming hints that should have you doing some basic background research on your new lover. You don’t want to get yourself in over your head, and worse, fall too deeply in love with someone that will ever be yours.




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