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Online dating is very popular in this technology-obsessed generation. People nowadays do not resort only to the good old fashioned way of meeting someone but also utilizes different technological advancements such as the emergence of these dating sites in the hopes of finding their soulmate and one true love.

This may have good effects for some but let’s face it, the problems with this process of finding love are undeniable and inevitable. So here we give you 10 problems of online dating.

Can be dangerous

This is probably the top problem for online dating sites. Meeting with someone that you just met online is pretty dangerous because you really don’t know what their motives are. They can either be there for the good or the bad. You can avoid this by learning about doing advanced background checks online.

We tend to believe what we see on TV

We hate to break this down to you but what you see on TV or movies is about 99% fictional and not to mention dysfunctional. People on TV may find each other online and fall in love immediately but in the real world, that is just not the way it is.

We know that people already know this, but they still believe that it can happen to them too. We have to keep in mind that the reality of our real life relationships can never be compared to those on TV.

Too much profile projection

In all these dating applications and websites, people tend to be too perfect in how they project themselves in these profiles. Projection is when one tends to elaborate the information even though it is very little and not that significant to being with.

This mostly happens when a person is looking at another’s profile picture. However, one should learn to not judge others based on their photo only without actually having time to get to know them personally.

Too many options

These dating sites on the internet are joined by millions of people. Day by day, a lot more are joining. Because of this member-congestion, there are lot of options to choose from on whom to date. People have various choices thus they become indecisive at times.

This would result to one thinking that because there are many options, it would seem endless. But one has to embrace the fact that dating options are limited.

Negative Sex Stereotypes

If you look at any social media site, you will see a lot of stereotypical statements thrown both sides of the females and the males. We must learn to let go of these stereotypes so we would not be afraid to get to know a person.

Just because a profile of a guy says that he is living with his parents does not automatically mean that he has no ambition or is lazy.

Lack of privacy

The internet does not have privacy. Anyone, especially those who have the skills, can hack into any accounts and have access to your personal information or messages. Again, this is very dangerous.

Insincere Interactions

In these online dating sites, people do not really focus on the interactions such as same interests and hobbies but mostly based on how they look and if they want to hook up.

Not romantic

To be honest, we are all hopeless romantics at heart. And when asked about where you and your loved one met, you would want to be able to have a very romantic story of love at first sight but you can’t do that with “we met online”. Not romantic at all.

Hooking up over Friendship

When dating online, it is like people skip the process of friendship which is a good foundation for any relationship to blossom. That’s why these relationships don’t last and end up badly in the future.

Red Flags

Red flags mean no-go and in the case of online dating, having a tattoo or having a not so attractive photo is considered a red card. People judge others based on things like this without really knowing the person personally.

These are all just some of the problems about online dating. Therefore, old fashioned dating is still more effective and would result to even a stronger bond between the couple.


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