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​Modern times gives us access to information that we would otherwise have been blind from and with the thousands of online search tools available these days it’s relatively easy to conclude a background check on someone, something that seems to be becoming more popular and necessary by the day.

But if you don’t go about your business the right way you could easily end up browsing the web for hours on end and leave you with useless information and feelings of frustration. Here are 10 tips to help you smoothly and effectively conduct a background check on an individual:

1.Make sure you really want to know what you are enquiring about – Sometimes finding out the truth can be shocking and devastating. Before you run that background check make sure you have prepared yourself for unexpected results.

2.Find and use a reputable site – Sites that require you to pay for the reports you need are the ones that will give you the most accurate and up to date information. Read through their customer reviews before just diving in and paying for a service though. Look at how many reports they have conducted and see where they get their data from. The more known a company is, the better and more accurate their results will be.

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3.Do face to face research first – Where possible always conduct your own research first before heading off to an online service provider. People aren’t always locked doors and might open u to you about their pasts and their experiences if you just ask them straight forward questions. Obviously if they seem to be reluctant to give you the answers to your questions it might indicate that they are hiding something and you need to investigate the matter with the help of online background checkers.

4.Social Networks are your friends – The great thing about sites like Facebook and Twitter is that it’s a completely voluntary social platform and you don’t need any legal documents to do some digging on people on these sites. You can find out who and what a person is by browsing their profile and their friends.

5.Have all the details you will need – Just knowing someone’s name is unlikely to get you good results. You need to know their name and surname and where they live, an added bonus would be something such as a social security number and family members. You can never now too much about a person and having more details is sure to get you better results.

6.Know the law – The consumer protection act rules that if you want to do a credit report on someone you need to have their consent. Always ask for permission before conducting searches like this to avoid getting into a sticky situation. Basic background checks don’t require any legal documentation but telling someone that you are going to be conducting a background check on them is always the proper thing to do.

7.Use a good people search site – Sites such as PeekYou combined all the relevant details from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and gives you a report on what is freely available on the web. If they aren’t to be found on one of these sites, they either don’t exist or have something big that they are trying to hide away.

8.Cross Reference your findings – If you have found information on a site such as Facebook or Google, compare it to what you have found on other sites. This will give you a more detailed picture and can even add valuable data that you might not have already acquired.

9.Ask a friend or family member for assistance – If you find yourself coming up with inconclusive results or unsure whether the information you are gathering is of any use, ask a friend or family member to jump in and help you analyze the data you have collected.

10.Don’t give up – Sometimes background checking on an individual might take a little more effort and searching than you originally planned, but it is always a good idea to keep searching – even if the results come back clean and with no hidden motives.

In a world where cyber scamming is becoming ever more popular doing a background check before hiring a new employee or entering into any kind of relationship with someone new seems like the first and most important thing to do, it could also save you unwanted and unnecessary drama and complications later on.


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