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We’ve all heard about the bad, the worse and the plain right outrageous dating disasters that people have had on online dating sites. It’s probably one of the reasons why so many people are reluctant to try it out, and the twisted truths alongside the scammers and con artists makes online dating a game of chance.

But this isn’t what this article is about. This is about the truly wonderful world it can open up for you.

There are genuine people out there just looking for a chance of love and when you read these stories you’ll understand why so many individuals now prefer virtual hookups rather than awkward first dates.

Put Yourself Out There

In a confession a guy tells the story of how he put himself out there, listed all of his flaws and imperfections and thought that he would never find a woman that would like what she saw by the first glance of things.

He was being honest so that if a woman approached him, she felt like she could really connect with him and didn’t care for the bad points he listed. What he would have never thought possible became a reality in record time. He had found the love of his life through an online dating service and they intend to do the happily ever after story.

It just goes to show that people prefer the truth rather than a sugar coated lie. Read their full story here: http://gizmodo.com/tell-us-your-online-dating-success-stories-16499079032

Reluctant Success

A woman from Maine tells the story on how she was doing some testimonial work for a dating website and as part of the reward she was offered a free membership. She wasn’t really into that game but thought that it couldn’t hurt to try. The first guy that showed up as a match for her was her husband, although she didn’t know it at the time.

She had met a few guys and finally met up with the initial match that the site suggested. In no time at all they fell head over heels in love and let’s just say the unconventional wedding bells rang not soon after.

Read the full story here: http://www.sheknows.com/love-and-sex/articles/1004111/online-dating-horror-stories-and-success-stories

Expect To The Unexpected

The world of dating might be like a box of chocolates, where you know exactly what you are going to get, but in the virtual dating scene things are a little shook up. You have to be very sure of what it is you want and how hard you are willing to work in order to reach that goal.

Always make sure your profile is as accurate as possible and remember that no means no. If someone is bugging you report and block them. There really is a wonderful opportunity for the lonely heart to meet like-minded individuals and yes, internet dating might well turn out to be the best choice you ever made.

Ignore those who want to frag you down with their horror stories, because those exist in real life too. Success is about how much you want something and how well you know the game.


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