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There are ways and then there are ways…

When it comes to digging around in someone’s records and their history things can get tricky and to get the information that you need you need to know a few basic tips and tricks on how to search and where to go for answers. Here are a few steps that can greatly aid you in compiling accurate and up-to-date reports on someone’s background without taking ages to get everything put together.

As well as free methods, you can also get an instant background check done online.

Make use of free public records:

If you want to know if someone has a criminal record within the US then try using www.criminalsearches.com , they offer you reports on any felonies conducted and sexual offenses.

Alternatively you can head down to a courthouse and search through the records, but that might take some time. You can also try searching for public records on search engines online.

Google, google, google:

That little 6 letter word has been evolving the way we look into things for ages. When you want to quickly look up something it’s the first place you turn to and this should be true when you are doing your own background checks too. See what hits come up when you enter that person’s name.

Always remember to add as much information to the search field as you can such as name, surname, email etc.

Social Media makes everything easier:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are some of the social media platforms that really help you to have an in-depth look at someone’s character and history. In today’s world of virtual everything, chances are if he’s not on a social media network he doesn’t really exist, he’s hiding something about who he is or he lives in a remote village in Africa.

Give PeekYou a try:

Okay so sometimes (very rarely) Google doesn’t pick something up because there’s a keyword missing. This is where www.PeekYou.com comes in and rocks your world. It creates combined reports on everything it finds from search engines and social media sites combined.

It’s more like a people network and can really help you find out if that person is hiding something and if they appear exactly the same in all their other profiles.

Ask their friends:

No one really wants to call u someone’s friends or relatives to confirm information that they gave you, but being sure about the situation is always better than not knowing a terrible secret.

It’s all about protecting yourself and not stepping into a trap so even if you end up phoning his landlord, the truth will come out eventually.

Get professional help:

If you really can’t seem to draw a conclusion from what you are able to view online then it’s time to call on the experts and get a full background report.

Some services offer instant access to the reports, but keep in mind that a paid for service will always deliver the most accurate and up-to date information regarding the matter.

In an age where it’s all too easy to lie about who and what they are, scammers are taking advantage on big scale, but luckily we have the wonderful hand of technology at our disposal to help us differentiate between who people say they are and what their history tells us they might do again.


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