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free-background-checkIn an age where technology is simplifying our lives there’s so much more that we can do and discover. You are now able to research individuals and learn all about their background by simply using a background checking service online.

This will show you all the relevant details that you want to know (or might have not been looking for) and get you up to speed with what that person has done in their past.

The problem tends to be that you often find yourself popping into an online background checking service and happily clicking away, entering the details of the person who’s background you are digging into, only to land on a “payment please” page before you can view the results.

While using a paid service might get you in depth details such as financial history and felony reports there are ways that you can perform a simple and free background check on someone that won’t have you subscribing to any service.
Follow these simple steps:

1.Cross reference – It really is as easy as that. If the person told you he worked at a certain establishment, pick up the phone and get a confirmed reference from previous employers. The same goes for previous landlords and even friends that he might have mentioned.

2.Just Google it – I cannot stress this enough, GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND, if google doesn’t know him then he does not exist. Have a look at the results that appear. You’ll most likely find out if he is on social media sites, posts in forums and if he’s part of some club.

3.Facebook is the next best thing – Browsing someone’s Facebook page can tell you a lot about them. Have a look at their friends and what they “like” and what photos pop up on their profile. You’ll be able to draw quite a clear picture about the character of someone using this method.

4.Openbook.org will blow your mind – you can use this website to search for anything that has been mentioned on Facebook that contains the name of the person you want dirt on.

5.SearchSystems gives you all the free info in one place– this website offers you the opportunity to dig around in free public records that can show reports such as marriage records, divorce records and death reports. It’s a great way of obtaining free information.

6.Pipl is like a deep digging tool of the web. It’s a one stop page that delivers results that can often be missed by other search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The more results you gather, the more in depth knowledge you’ll gain.

Off course there are always more detailed reports that can even lead you straight to the front door of someone you have been trying to find for years, but requesting a report like that will cost you a pretty penny.

Running background checks when hiring a new employee has become standard practice and businesses don’t mind paying for these services but if you merely want to double check that you aren’t getting acquainted with a serial killer then these basic tools for general background checking are sure to aid you in your journey of discovery.


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