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How to Spy On People

The concept of spying on other people has enjoyed many developments over the last few years and it can either be seen in a good light as a tool that can help you obtain hidden information or it could be seen as a form of stalking. The latter is not the topic of discussion here, and instead we want to focus on bringing you smart ways to spy on people in cases where it can help keep you and your loved ones safe.

Before you embark on any spy mission though, you should be well aware of the fact that it is illegal to install any type of surveillance software on someone’s personal belongings such as a phone or a pc without them knowing about it, so what you find can never be used against them in any court of law, but it could save you and your family from potentially life threatening situations and heartache.

So why would you want to spy on someone?

  • If you want to find out why your neighbor is up in the wee hours of the night making such a racket and think that he might be into some dodgy dealings, then spying is a good idea.
  • Spy on your lover to establish if he or she is cheating.
  • Spy on your kids to find out what they are doing when you are not around.
  • Spy on the coworkers in your office environment to find out what they are saying behind your back and if there is something weird going on in the office.
  • You can use a spy camera on a date to capture footage of a cheating spouse of one of your friends.
  • If you want to capture audio or footage of a bribery or sexual harassment encounter then using spyware is a great idea.
  • If you are leaving your children alone with a new nanny for the first time, then you might feel more secure recording the day on tape and then reviewing how it went later on.

That being said, there are a few ways in which you can monitor people close to you such as your partner and your children.

1. www.iKeymonitor.com is software that you install onto an iOS phone that monitors the activities on the iPhone or iPad. It’s great for keeping track of what they do on the device and also aids as a way for tracking down a lost or stolen phone or tablet.

2. If you have a suspicion that someone unwanted might be coming over to your house when you aren’t there, try using such as a peephole surveillance camera, you can find some really high tech gadgets from the Brickhouse Security company. They specialize in providing high quality and reliable spyware gadgets that can help you capture footage.

3. There are numerous spy ware goggles that you can use that look like ordinary reading glasses but actually have hidden recording devices embedded within. A great pair would be one like the 720P HD Spy Eyewear Sunglasses from O’Plaza.

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4. GPS trackers can be found in all shapes and sizes these days and something as small as a cufflink can be fitted with a GPS tracking device which enables you to track where your partner or kids are moving about during the day.

5. Hidden cameras can be placed throughout your house to keep a watchful eye out on what goes on when you are not around. They really do come in all shapes and sizes ranging from hidden camera alarm clocks all the way to coat hangers that have cameras inside.

6. If you have an office with a reception area you can get one of these nifty little smileys greeting face desk icons that conveniently has a hidden camera inside that will keep tabs on what goes on inside the reception area during the day.

Whichever way you choose to spy on people, remember that the golden rule is to always act casual and pretend like you are just going about your normal daily routine. In a world where technology literally does all the work for you, all you have to do is install all your necessary devices, sit back and watch the magic unfold.


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