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There are so many reasons why one would want to find out if someone has ever been arrested. When it comes to an employer checking up on a potential employee’s history these searches can greatly aid in making a final decision.

Where people will be working with finances or tending to children, checking police records for arrests is a crucial part in determining that person’s character.


Check Arrest Records

While you won’t be able to see if a person had an arrest record before they turned 18, any arrest that occurred after they reached that age would be available on the public records system.

These days it so easy to get a hold of arrest records, and when you look at how easily journalists are able to publish mug shots of celebrities, it makes you realize just how quickly you can obtain these records.

If someone has an arrest record however, this does not necessarily mean they have been convicted of a crime and as an employer you are not allowed to discriminate against someone based on the fact that they had been arrested in their life.

The public records that are kept at the local courthouses and police stations are available to the general public so if you do have the full names and the state where you suspect the arrest might have taken place then you can choose this route.

It does however mean that you will have to go through all the records and once you do find information it will only be limited to where the person was arrested and what the date was.

You’ll need a subpoena to obtain any other information such as what felony was committed and what the outcome of the legal procedures was.

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The Quick Option

If going down to the local courthouse and searching the public records doesn’t seem like your cup of tea then the internet has some valuable resources at your disposal. Most services are paid for though and you’ll have to know at least the real name and surname as well as the location of the person you want to do a check on.

A great starting point is www.criminalpages.com and http://arrestrecords.freebackgroundcheck.org/free_public_records_by_category/2

A background checking service such as www.certifiedbackground.com will most definitely be able to give you the results that you are looking for. Once again it’s crucial to remember that these services are not free of charge and you might end up with information that you would rather not have known.


You can also try the relatively simple way of using an online search engine such as Google and typing in the full names of the person in question together with the state the arrest would have happened and searching the publications that come up under police records.

The best and most trusted routed to follow however still is by doing a full background check provided by an accredited and verified background checking service provider. You’ll be paying for these services but if you are serious about obtaining this information then a small fee shouldn’t be a problem.

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