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Best Self Defense Tips for a Single Girl

If you are a single girl that has ever felt intimidated while walking the streets alone and wondered what you should do if an attacker approaches you then this post is just for you.

Our society is becoming increasingly violent and the fear of being attacked by someone is always there. Your best option as a single girl would be to enroll for some self-defense classes, but if you don’t have the time and want to sharpen up your skills ASAP then read our tips to ensure your personal safety.

1. Be Aware

Your first line of defense isn’t necessarily the kicking and blocking moves that come to mind when you think about defending your life. Self-defense begins long before any physical contact comes into play. Being aware of how you carry yourself, the surroundings you are in and identifying creepy people is your very first point of ensuring your safety.

2. Take charge of your gut feeling

We all have intuition, something that tells you when a situation is “off”, the problem is that very few of us actually listen to it. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t stick around to see if it begins to feel better. Get out of there ASAP

3. If you do decide to go for self-defense training…

Martial arts definitely isn’t going to help you learn to defend yourself in the shortest time possible, so avoid that and opt for a real, short and to the point self-defense course that will teach you how you as a woman have the power to overcome any physical assault situation.

Ideally, the course should put you into simulated assault situations where you’ll be able to get some hands on experience and feel what it feels like to be attacked so that a real attack doesn’t catch you off guard.

4. Run for your life

This is probably always the best option. If someone offers to help you and says he’ll help you get away, turn and run the other way. Leaving the scene of the crime with someone else you don’t know is just going against everything in your nature and definitely will land you in even deeper trouble.

5. You CAN fight

Probably one of the most important things to try and remember whenever you get into a physical confrontation situation is that you can and should defend yourself physically. Even if the perp hasn’t made a move yet, if you feel threatened, it’s your human right (constitutional too) to defend yourself. Your chances of survival are far greater if you fight back.

A good tip to remember is that your elbow is the strongest bone in your body and if you get close enough to use it, don’t hesitate.

6. ALWAYS carry your pepper spray on you

This is one of the most easy-to-take-along self-defense weapons out there, not only of you always have it within reach. Whenever you feel unsafe, get your pepper spray in your hand and keep it there until you feel that the threat is gone.

7. Keep your car doors locked and windows up while driving

If you want to avoid being carjacked then this is your safest bet. When you stop at an intersection, stay alert and make sure you have enough room to maneuver and get out of there if the need arises.

8. Taking the lift at night is ALWAYS the better option

If you’re all about getting in your dose of physical activity, best leave that for the daylight hours. Stairways are the perfect crime spot and even more so in the night hours. Just use the lift if you’re alone, you could be saving your life!
Essentially, your best line of defense is making sure that you steer clear of dodgy situations.

Some other practical tips to help keep you safe include owning a large dog and taking him out with you when you go for a walk, staying out of secluded dark areas at night, staying within large groups of people and making sure that you always have something like pepper spray or a stun gun close by.

There are a lot of myths out there regarding self-defense. The following myths are totally untrue:

1. You should reason with your attacker
2. You should scream and wait for help to come if you are ever attacked
3. You’ll only be good at defending yourself if you are fit
4. You need technical self-defense skills to make a good counter attack
5. Women who survive are fearless
6. You should only try blocking attacks and not try getting in a punch of your own

Fact is, the ball is totally in your hands. Never try to reason with an attacker, if he asks for your wallet, don’t hand it to him, but rather toss it away from yourself and head for the hills. Screaming for help to come is a bad idea because in real life situations, more often than not, a hero isn’t going to come running around the corner.

You should try and injure your attacker, not just hurt him and you definitely don’t need any high level of skills to get that done. Use any weapons at your disposal.

Remember that the women who have overcome situations like physical attack aren’t necessarily fearless; they just fight for their lives because becoming someone’s victim just isn’t an option for them. Just because you might be smaller than your attacker doesn’t mean that you don’t have a chance, it’s all in how badly you want to get out of the situation.



  1. I have been teaching Krav Maga to women and girls for over 5 years now and we teach a technique which should be in every woman and girls arsenal.

    This is the “groin grab” self defense technique to use against a male attacker which is taught in many womens self defense classes, and there is actually a little trick to it… We are a women only event, run by women, for women, and this is what we teach to women of all ages:

    You’re going to take your hand and grasp between the attackers thighs underhand. Its going to feel like you’re “cradling” the testicles. Dig your fingertips into the fragile skin BEHIND the scrotum. Then, once you have a good grip, you turn your hand into a vice, with your fingers digging inwards, around the back and over the top of the testicles. If you do it right, you should feel the testes INSIDE your hand which is holding the scrotum. You want, whenever possible, to hook your fingers over at least one testicle. One of them is enough.

    Then, with your hands in a claw and your fingertips latched around the testes, you turn your hand sharply, as though you were turning a doorknob. Simultaneously, squeeze and pull the testicles away from his body as fast and as hard as you can. Do not let go of them. What happens then, is that your assailant usually screams out in pain and then tries to grab the wrist of your hand holding him in a futile attempt to try to get you to release him. Don’t. He then quickly loses one of the natural advantages he usually has over us (his strength) within a matter of seconds. Vomiting, curling over, collapsing and convulsing is common. Shock and unconsciousness can set in within 8 seconds. When he collapses, which he will, you get away to safety as quickly as possible and report the crime.

    It’s never too late to perform this at any stage of an attack, and that even includes the option of reaching down if he’s on top of you, but it is easiest to do when the testicles are exposed and closest to you where you can grab hold of them. I’ve actually met several women in my life who have fought off their attackers in this way and one did it when her attacker was on top of her and raping her at the point he lost control. Don’t ever hold back. Some women scream while they are doing this, and some women think of a loved one being harmed to help overcome any bad feelings of hurting someone else even if they are being hurt themselves. Do whatever you have to do if it helps.

    If done properly, and done with enough force, this technique can even lead to the testicles rupturing. It’s actually easier to do than most women believe, and just about all of us have the capability to injure an attackers testicles in this way – whether we are young girls still of school age, or whether we are great grandmothers. After all, if you think about it testicles are just small objects of extreme vulnerability to pain squishiness wrapped in a delicate flap of skin which offers them no protection at all from this kind of attack. Most importantly, this fact holds true no matter what size your attacker is, nor how strong he is. And no matter how angry he is, nor how much he’s threatened what he’s going to do to you, he’s going to drop. Don’t let anyone (usually men) try to convince you otherwise.


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